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Letter from a TLC Client

June 5th, 2017 | By : TLC

Dear Friend,

I’m going to remain anonymous, but I’m writing this letter because I heard that you are thinking about having an abortion – that you’re in a dark place right now? I’d like to share my story with you.

First of all, you’re not alone, because I’ve been in the same situation you are, except I didn’t have any real friends to help guide me into doing the right thing. I would like to try and save you and your baby’s life by sharing my own experiences with you.

Firstly, think about why you are really having this abortion – is it because someone says you have to (mom/boyfriend) or is it because of your job or do you feel you’re not ready? If you’re a believer, think about what God would want you to do. Also think about the long-term pain and suffering once your baby is gone from your womb.

I’ve had three abortions. My first was at 16, my last at 32. I found each experience to be different, emotionally, mentally and physically. The emotions I felt were self-blame, anger, unforgiveness and, most of all, guilt – the guilt because of what I had done. Also, people judged me because I’d had these abortions. I was so afraid that God wouldn’t forgive me.

I felt no different than someone who had shot and killed another person. I thought, well, how am I any different? I killed my own children, and what for? Because people said I should – even my mother said I wasn’t ready and that she didn’t like my boyfriend.

Was the abortion something I wanted to do? No, but because of shame and pride, I committed these sins before God. And where are all these people who helped me make these choices? They’ve all left me alone to deal with the pain.

The mental stress came too, preventing me from thinking clearly or making good, healthy decisions. At times, I would act up, especially towards my boyfriend. I lost my drive for life. I couldn’t forgive myself, I lost all motivation to do things and finally fell into a depression causing me to shout out at the world, my family, friends and work. Everything fell apart because of the pain from the abortions.

Physically, my body changed. I ended up with complications that landed me in hospital after the third abortion. In the end, I learned that this was the price I had to pay for a decision I made while being angry. While in this state of anger, I went to a doctor for help, not knowing what to do. Of course, the doctor did not advise me to take a week or two to think about what I really wanted to do. Instead, she forced me into going through with the abortion. She said things like; don’t worry, God will forgive you, you’re just nervous, and so on.

What the doctor didn’t tell me was that the baby was human and would feel a great deal of pain when being aborted. Doctors don’t tell you how unhealthy it is for your body – the trauma it goes through, the lifelong problems that could occur, or the infertility it could cause. Nor do they tell you about the unbearable pain you go through once the abortion is over and that you might not be able to get over it. Some women never find themselves again.

So please … before making your decision, remember that children are a blessing from God and that there are a lot of women out there who would love to have even one child, but are unable to for some reason. Before making your decision, go to a place that can help, such as the TLC Pregnancy Centre. You just have to believe in God and yourself and He will see you through.

As your friend, I would advise you not to go through with the abortion. I heard this on the radio the other day. They were discussing abortion: ‘From the first day of conception, God has already planned a child’s destiny. When we have an abortion, we’re questioning God.’ I hope that, after reading this letter, you will make a pro-life decision.


Your Friend